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Who Can Track Pitches and Record Analytics Info for a Team?

Within ChangeUp, any coach can track pitches and analytic info for a team they are associated with. Each team within a program has a shared pitch counter account.

Start Game in ChangeUpEvery coach that is associated with a team on the ChangeUp platform has the ability to track pitch counts for any game on the team's schedule. 

Additionally, each team on the ChangeUp platform has a shared pitch counter login that can be used to allow someone other than a coach to log pitches on behalf of a team; coaches can ask a parent, fan or player to download the ChangeUp application and log in using the shared pitch counter credentials to track pitches on behalf of the team so that they do not need to share their own personal credentials.

Shared pitch counter logins are specific to each team and must be tied to a valid email address that a member of the coaching staff or team administration has access to in order to create or change the password.

Who tracks pitches for any given game is determined using the ChangeUp FIFO logic; First In, Final Owner (FIFO).  What FIFO means is that the first user (with appropriate permissions) to start a game by clicking the Start button on the team

Schedule takes control of data collection for that game, and is the only user that can track pitches or record analytics for that game; any other user with access to that particular team can follow or observe the in-game action but will not be allowed to track counts or analytics. 

Ift a device stops functioning after control of the game has been tied to a particular user, that same user account can be used to log in on a separate device to continue tracking pitches.

Additionally, ChangeUp supports the use of an independent pitch counter in Third Party Mode.

info iconWho tracks pitches and analytics for a given game is determined using the ChangeUp FIFO ("First In, Final Owner") approach; the first authorized user account to successfully log in and start a game "owns" the game until it is completed.