What's New in ChangeUp v1.8?

Schedule management, increased flexibility in entering pitch counts after games, and more

  • Schedule Management - Coaches can now create, edit, and delete league games directly from the schedule screen (non-league game creation is coming in a future release).
    • Create League Games - click on Create New Game at the top of the Schedule screen, enter the date and time (your local timezone will be pre-selected for you) of the game and select the home and away teams.  Tip: if you select the opposing team first your team will be automatically be selected for you.  Additionally, the city and state of the game will be automatically be prefilled based on the home team.
    • edit_2Edit Games - any league games that have not yet been started within ChangeUp can be edited by clicking on the new Edit option underneath the game on the Schedule screen:

    • Swap Home/Away - easily swap Home and Away teams for games that have not been started within the Edit Game screen.
    • Delete Games - any games that have not yet been started can be removed from your schedule by clicking Delete Game at the bottom of the Edit League Game screen.
    • Show Entire Schedule - the Schedule screen now has a  Show Entire Schedule toggle button that when enabled displays all games from the current season, and when disabled shows upcoming games only.  The Show Entire Schedule toggle button is disabled by default.

  • Increased flexibility for entering pitch counts after games.  Prefer to use ChangeUp after games?  No problem.  With the introduction of v1.3 of ChangeUp the default Entry Deadline - which was previously set to 12 hours after midnight - has been increased to 48 hours giving you plenty of time to enter pitch counts.
    • Note: leagues have the ability to set their own Entry Deadline.  If you would prefer a different deadline please have your league administrator Contact Us.
  • Game Summaries - Game summary information for completed games is now available on the Schedule screen.  To view a game summary click on the game you would like to view (be sure to enable the Show Entire Schedule toggle button) and then click on the Summary option.
  • preferencesPlayer Evaluations are now completely optional.  Coaches can enable/disable player evaluations and control the frequency with which evaluations are collected when enabled.  To configure Evaluation Settings,  go to the new My Profile section at the bottom of the main screen in the ChangeUp mobile app.
  • Account Deletion - ChangeUp accounts can now be deleted directly in the mobile app.  To delete your user account simply navigate to My Profile and click Delete account at the bottom of the screen.  Note: Deleting an account is permanent - pitching data cannot be recovered once an account is deleted.



info_icon_150-1Create League Game Tips
When creating a new game, you only need to select the opposing team - either as Home or Away - and your team will automagically be entered as the other team.  Also, the City and State of the Home team will be prefilled for you.