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What's New in ChangeUp v1.2?

The ChangeUp pitch tracker mobile app just became more user-friendly for coaches and baseball players. Check out all the new features and download it today!

You can now download the new version of ChangeUp Pitch Tracker app! You will still have access to all your existing data, but now you can take advantage of new features that make the app much more user-friendly.

Original Version

New & Improved ChangeUp

After-game pitch count values must be entered before the midnight PST deadline.

Now you can enter Counts after a Game. The Deadline for pitch count entry can now align with league rules, offering coaches more time and flexibility to post counts. Plus, BOTH coaches can adjust their counts up until the applicable deadline.
Default deadline is 12:00 PM the day after a game is played.

Games automatically end at midnight PST.

Games are considered officially ended when:

●      Both coaches log their counts and those counts match OR

●      The league configured deadline is reached

If any discrepancies of counts between two coaches exist, ChangeUp takes the home team’s counts as final (per MIAA rules).


Users now receive a notification of the discrepancy so they can reconcile issues. If the data doesn’t match at deadline, ChangeUp accepts the home team counts as final.

If only one of the two coaches in a game enters counts and ends the game, ChangeUp finalizes the counts, and locks the other coach out.

Both coaches can now adjust their counts up until the league configured deadline. And they’ll receive a real-time notification if their counts don’t match so they can reconcile the data quickly.

All availability reports delivered via email the day after the game. If counts are not entered by the midnight PST deadline, players do not appear on the availability report.


New live web- and mobile-based reporting. Now you can view all league-wide availability reporting in real-time. No more waiting for emailed reports, but you can still elect to receive your reports via email if you choose.

No availability icons

At a glance you can see the status of a pitcher with color-coded icons:

●      Green = Available

●      Yellow = Not sure because data hasn’t been entered

●      Red: Unavailable

Users were forced to either enter data for the opposition or skip through the workflow.

With Single Team Tracking, you can choose to only enter your team’s counts, and no longer need to log data for the opposition or skip through the workflow.


What Else is New?

notifications_settingsWe've added a brand-new Notifications feature to help ensure pitch counts are entered correctly by the applicable deadline.  Coaches can elect to receive any of the following notifications via text message, push notification, and/or in-app alert:

●      Game Ended. Notifies you when the game has been officially ended by the application (either because both teams logged pitch counts and they matched, or the deadline has expired.)

●      Counts Not in Sync. Notifies users if all active counts are marked as "Done," but there are discrepancies in the counts.

●      Rest Calculation Change. Notifies you when the amount of rest needed and date next available changes for one of your players.

●      Game Started w/ Uncertain Player. Notifies users if a coach starts a game that includes a team with players whose rest status is uncertain or unknown availability due to missing pitch counts.

●      Count Reminders. Reminds users to log missing pitch counts for a game that is approaching the entry deadline.

●      Player Pitching During Rest. Notifies users if a player who should be resting has a pitch logged for him/her during a game.

Download ChangeUp Version 1.2!

It’s quick and easy to do. Just make sure to configure how you want to receive all your new notifications!