What Type of Pitching Rules Does ChangeUp Support?

ChangeUp supports a configuration of a wide variety of pitch count and resulting rest rules. Other non-standard rules can be customized within the mobile app.

The following rule types are preconfigured and/or can easily be configured by the ChangeUp support team on behalf of your team, league or tournament within ChangeUp's administration module:

  • Days of Rest thresholdUnlimited Day of Rest Threshold and corresponding days of rest combinations
  • Little League pitch count rules (pre-loaded) 
  • National Federation of High Schools state-specific rules
  • Maximum pitches per day/game/inning
  • Maximum number of pitches to be eligible to start a new inning (e.g. pitcher cannot start a new inning after she/he reaches 90 pitches in a game/day) 
  • Cumulative pitches across a set number of days (e.g. pitcher can pitch a maximum of 150 combined pitches over a 7 day period)
  • Consecutive day rest rules (e.g. if a player pitches in X consecutive days she/he must rest for at least Y days, regardless of the number of pitches thrown)
  • Eligibility to pitch in doubleheaders (Yes/No).
    • ChangeUp supports configuration of a 1st game limit that when reached makes the given pitcher ineligible to pitch in additional games in the same calendar day; the pitcher can continue to pitch in the 1st game until the daily limit or game limit is reached.
    • Pitch counts for multiple appearances in the same day begin with the total number of in-game pitches a player has thrown that same day prior to the current appearance.  For example, Pitcher A throws 12 pitches in the first game of a doubleheader.  When Pitcher A takes the mound in game 2, her/his pitch count before throwing a pitch is 12 and is preloaded within ChangeUp. 

Additionally, rules can be configured by age and grade, and multiple rule sets can be assigned to a league or tournament.

info iconBy definition, doubleheaders within ChangeUp are two or more games on the same calendar day for the same team.  Pitchers will always be considered ineligible to pitch for more than one team in the same calendar day.