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What Happens to Pitch Tracking When a Game Ends?

At the conclusion of each game, ChangeUp provides coaches with reporting on pitch counts, days of rest required, and pitcher availability.

ChangeUp – End an InningAfter the final out of a game is recorded and pitch count trackers for each team (assuming both teams are using ChangeUp)  select "End Game" from the END INNING menu, the following occurs:

  1. The Game Summary and Reconciliation screen appears, on which all pitch counts for players that pitched in the game are available for review and any remaining discrepancies in counts across teams can be resolved:
    1. If both coaches have elected to track counts for both teams, pitch count values for both teams, along with any discrepancies, will be shown within the reconciliation screen, and differences in counts can be resolved (coaches can edit their own counts - a conversation with the opposing coach regarding final pitch counts is assumed).  Once both coaches indicate that they have completed entering pitch counts the game is completed and availability is finalized.
    2. ChangeUp – Game Summary & ReconciliationIf Single-Team tracking is in use, any adjustments to your own counts can be made up until the following conditions are met:
      1. BOTH coaches/teams have indicated that they are done entering pitch counts for the game - or - 
      2. The league-specific pitch count deadline has been reached (default is 12:00 PM the day after a game).
  2. The game is marked as completed within ChangeUp and pitch counts are finalized.  If any differences in counts remain when the game is marked complete by both coaches or the deadline is reached, pitch counts recorded by the Home team will be used to determine rest and availability.
  3. Game Summary and Availability reports are available in the ChangeUp Customer Portal and within the mobile app on the Reporting Tab. 

Note: Any games on the schedule that are started (and have associated pitch counts) and not marked for completion by coaches will be automatically ended at the pitch count entry deadline (default is 12:00 PM the day after a game), with the pitch counts for the Home team used to determine rest and availability.  Games that are canceled, postponed or need to be completed on another day can be rescheduled directly within ChangeUp.