What Does It Mean When a Pitcher Is Ineligible?

When a pitcher is flagged as ineligible within ChangeUp, the pitcher should not pitch that day. Pitching may violate league rules and put athlete safety at risk.

Pitcher AvailabilityA player is marked as ineligible whenever pitching activity tracked within ChangeUp triggers a pitching rule that determines that the player in question should be resting and should not pitch that day.  

While ChangeUp cannot prevent a pitcher from pitching, players that should be resting are clearly highlighted in red.

Because today's modern baseball player frequently trains year-round and plays for multiple teams, often with overlapping seasons, whether or not a pitcher is eligible to (or should) pitch on any given day can easily be determined outside of a coach's purview.  To combat this, ChangeUp's player-centric model enables tracking of pitching activity across multiple teams (and seasons), and determines and stores eligibility at a player level.  Coaches, please pay attention to eligibility status...your pitcher may have thrown for another team recently and decided not to tell you about it.

info iconChangeUp never prevents a pitcher from entering a game when she/he is determined to be ineligible to pitch, it simply informs coaches that the pitcher should be resting.