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How Do I Start a Game?

Beginning a new game is easy within the ChangeUp mobile app. Here are the instructions required so that you may play ball, and start tracking pitches.

Here's how to locate and start a game within ChangeUp:
    1. ChangeUp Home ScreenAfter logging into ChangeUp and landing on your home screen you will see a list of all teams that you are associated with.  Click on the team you would like to track/record counts for.
    2. When the team's dashboard appears, click on the Schedule section which will display a list of upcoming games (or past games that are missing pitch counts). 
    3. Click on the game you would like to track pitches for and then click the START button.
    4. When the game screen loads you will be brought to the bullpen to insert a pitcher.
    5. Select the pitcher you would like to insert into the game and click the INSERT PITCHER button.
      ChangeUp – Start a Game

info iconNote: any games in the past that have not yet had pitch counts tracked but have not yet reached the pitch count entry deadline will also appear in the upcoming schedule section.