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How Is the Next Available Date for a Pitcher Determined?

ChangeUp calculates the next date a pitcher will be available to pitch in real-time based on applicable rest recommendations and program restrictions.

ChangeUp – Next Available to Pitch DateChangeUp automatically calculates and displays the date that pitchers will be next available to pitch in realtime based on current pitch counts and whatever pitch count rules and corresponding rest restrictions apply to the game in which players are currently pitching.  The Next Available date is displayed directly on the primary pitch count screen as well as the Pitchers section of each team's page and within the in-game Bullpen view. 

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The Next Available date will be updated throughout an in-game pitching session whenever a pitcher crosses a Day of Rest Threshold, a number of pitches that when reached translates to a predetermined amount of rest as determined by the rest restriction (or recommendation) policy that applies to the game in which the pitcher is competing.

info iconWhile a game is in progress, the Next Available date should be considered an estimate and subject to change if/when pitch counts are reconciled with the opposing team and final rest and availability information is determined during the generation of Game Summary and Availability reports at 11:59 PM PST.  Should reconciliation, either in-game or at the conclusion of a contest, result in the final pitch count increasing and exceeding a Day of Rest Threshold, the Next Available date will be adjusted accordingly.

Next Available date information should be considered an estimate while games are in progress as final availability information will be determined once the game is completed and pitch counts from both participating teams have been reconciled OR the League's pitch count entry deadline has been reached (default is 12:00 PM the day after a game).