How Do Independent Pitch Trackers Record Pitches In the App?

If a baseball program or tournament wishes to use an independent pitch counter to track pitch counts for both teams in a single game, they can do so. Here's how.

ChangeUp supports the use of an independent or third party pitch counter.

Should a league, program, tournament, etc. want to leverage an independent pitch counter who is responsible for tracking pitch counts across both teams for any game, they can do so via ChangeUp's third party tracker or Tournament mode.  

In third party tracker mode, one person is responsible for tracking pitch counts for both teams, and similar to how pitch counters are determined in normal game mode, the first authorized user to successfully log in and start a game takes control of tracking pitch counts for the duration of the game.  Authorized users from each participating team can still log in and observe the in-game pitch counts, enabling teams to be aware of current pitch counts without being responsible for tracking or reconciliation.

A major difference between normal game mode and third party mode is that third party pitch count trackers do not have permission to perform the in-game evaluations that drive the Changeup Analytics EngineA coach or authorized user from each team, in addition to observing in-game pitch counts, is responsible for recording analytics evaluations.