How does the Analytics Function Work?

How periodic performance data is collected during each pitching session, and how that information may be used.

During each ChangeUp-tracked pitching session, coaches are prompted every twenty pitches to provide subjective evaluation of their pitcher's performance, at that point in the game, across a set of predefined criteria:

  1. evals_6-30-20Velocity
  2. Control
  3. Curveball (or breaking ball)
  4. Change up
  5. Deception of pitches (is the pitcher keeping batters off balance?)
  6. Stamina

Coaches can designate pitching intervals as "high pressure"  (e.g., tight games, runners on base, high importance games, etc.).  Over time, this compiled data in the ChangeUp analytics engine provides coaches, players, and others (including scouts, if authorized to access), a detailed picture of a pitcher's trends and tendencies throughout a game. 

This data can be used to help coaches best deploy their pitchers, provide feedback to their players and develop in-season and off-season training regimens to help pitchers reach their potentials. 

info_icon_150-1Analytics evaluations appear every 20 pitches of a pitcher's appearance in a game and at the conclusion of each outing.  Coaches can opt to dismiss the analytics window until between innings, at which time they will be prompted to complete each outstanding 20-pitch evaluation.