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Can I View Pitch Counts for My Opponent’s Current Pitcher?

Within the ChangeUp mobile app, pitch counts for both teams are easily accessible at any point. Here's how to access this pitcher data so you always know the count.

ChangeUp users can view pitch counts for the active pitcher for a team that is currently batting at any point during a game by clicking on that team's tab on the primary pitch count screen.  The pitch count screen for the opposing team will appear with pitch count controls disabled. 

To return to tracking pitch counts for the team that is currently in the field simply click on the appropriate tab.   Additionally, should the user click on the disabled pitch count ("+") button a message will appear asking if she/he would like to end the current half inning and begin tracking counts for the opposing team. 

ChangeUp Screen – 15 Pitches  ChangeUp Screen – 23 Pitches. ChangeUp Screen – Switch Innings