How Can I Access the ChangeUp Mobile App?

To access ChangeUp, users must be part of a baseball or softball team, program, or tourney that has an active subscription or usage plan. Contact us to get started.

ChangeUp Login ScreenAfter teams, programs, and/or tournaments subscribe to ChangeUp, coach accounts are created for and distributed to all associated coaches by the ChangeUp team during the onboarding process.  Each team on the ChangeUp platform also receives a shared pitch counter account that can be used to allow non-coaches to track pitch counts during a game

After receiving log in credentials users can download the ChangeUp application directly from the Apple store (Android version of ChangeUp will be available in a future release) and use the Forgot Password feature to create an initial password.  After a password has successfully been created users can sign in to access ChangeUp's pitching management functionality after agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

Any coaches not provided access during the initial onboarding process can request credentials by contacting the ChangeUp team directly..