How Do I Edit My Team Roster?

Need to make a call to the bullpen? Within ChangeUp, players can be added to a team roster during a game within the Bullpen on the Pitch Count screen.

Create a New PitcherCoaches can add players to a team roster while tracking pitches in a game by either of the following methods, however searching for an existing player is the recommended first step as many pitchers are already on the ChangeUp platform:

  1. Searching for and assigning a player to your roster that is already within ChangeUp via the "Assign Existing Pitcher" option in the Edit Roster menu in the Bullpen.

    This approach is especially useful when "calling up" a player from another team within your program or league.
  2. Creating a new player within ChangeUp via the "Create New Pitcher" option in the Edit Roster menu in the Bullpen.  ChangeUp will ask you to provide some basic information to help confirm that the player does not already exist in the platform as well as to drive any age or grade-based pitching rules.

info_icon_150-1In order to take advantage of and enable ChangeUp's player-centric tracking and performance management capabilities,  coaches should check to see if a player already exists within ChangeUp before creating a new pitcher.  

Players cannot currently be removed from team rosters within the ChangeUp mobile application.  If you need to have a player removed from your roster for some reason please submit a support ticket.