What Alerts Do ChangeUp Users Receive?

ChangeUp offers alerts to keep users informed of player availability, ensure pitch counts are entered correctly, and meet league pitch count entry deadlines.

ChangeUp users can now be notified when certain events occur. Provided are the types of notifications available:

  • Game Ended. Notifies you when a game has been officially ended by within ChangeUp by one of the following methods:
    • Both teams have completed entering pitch counts, and counts are in sync if one or both teams tracked counts for both teams.
    • The pitch count entry deadline has been reached.  Note: the default deadline is 12:00 PM the day after a game is played.  Deadlines are configurable by league, and time remaining to enter counts is prominently displayed by each game in the schedule section of ChangeUp mobile application.
  • Counts Not in Sync. Notifies users when counts for both teams have been marked as complete by coaches yet there are discrepancies in the counts (conflicting count values for one or more players that pitched in a game).
  • Rest Calculation Change. Notifies users when the amount of rest needed and date next available changes for one of their players based on pitch counts entered by an opposing coach.
  • Game Started w/ Uncertain Player. Notifies users if a coach starts a game that includes a team with players whose availability is uncertain or unknown due to missing pitch counts from a game in the past.
  • Count Reminders. Reminds users to enter missing pitch counts for a game that is approaching the entry deadline.
  • Player Pitching During Rest. Notifies users if a player who should be resting has pitch  counts entered for him/her during a game. 

Notification Methods

  • Email
  • Push - a clickable pop-up message that appears on your phone.  When clocked, the ChangeUp mobile app will open and bring you to the game or section of the app that corresponds to the alert.
  • In-App Alerts - a message that appears within the notifications section of the ChangeUp mobile application