How Can I Reschedule or Resume a Postponed Game?

Within ChangeUp, any games not played, not started, or not completed on the originally scheduled day can be rescheduled from directly within the mobile app.

ChangeUp – Reschedule ScreenTo reschedule a game simply navigate to your team's home screen within ChangeUp and click on the Reschedule tab.  Once doing so a list of all recent games will appear.  Select the game you wish to reschedule, select a date and start time, and then click "Save."  

ChangeUp – Reschedule Time ScreenPlease note that while it appears to users that the original game has been rescheduled, a new game has actually been created to leave any associated pitch count records and accompanying rest calculations intact.  Required rest based on any pitches that were thrown during a postponed or incomplete game will be determined when the league-specific pitch count deadline has been reached (default is 12:00 PM the day after a game) with availability updated accordingly, and games will appear in duplicate, one on the originally scheduled date, and another on the rescheduled date.  Additionally, automated Game Summary reports will be generated for incomplete games.