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How Are Pitch Count Differences Synchronized Across Teams?

Using ChangeUp, opposing teams may count pitches differently in the same game. ChangeUp identifies when pitch counts are out of sync and manages reconciliation.

20 Pitches – Days of RestBaseball coaches have a lot of areas of focus during games- managing lineups, calling pitches, giving signs, positioning defenses - not to mention simply watching in-game action.  With all that is going on, one can easily be distracted enough to forget to count a pitch during a ballgame, which can lead to pitch counts quickly getting out of sync across opposing dugouts.

How ChangeUp handles discrepancies in pitch counts varies based on whether or not the mobile devices in use within a game are online and actively communicating with ChangeUp's cloud-based servers.  When both devices being used to record pitch counts are online,  ChangeUp's in-game logic enables users for both teams to view their own counts as well as those of the opposing team in real-time, highlighting any differences accordingly in the "Opponent Count" area to the right of the pitch count wheel.

info iconIf either mobile device is offline, meaning it does not have an active cellular or wifi signal, opposing coaches/pitch counters should verbally communicate at regular intervals during and at the conclusion of a game to ensure that pitch counts across competing teams are reconciled. 

Pitch CountAdditionally, ChangeUp contains a Game Summary and Reconciliation screen that displays when the End Game option is selected.  This feature enables coaches to review pitching information for all pitchers that participated in a game and reconcile any remaining discrepancies with the opposing team before counts are finalized and associated days of rest and availability are determined.  Any games that are not reconciled and marked as complete will be automatically ended at the pitch count entry deadline, which is determined by the League or tournament responsible for the game (default is 12:00 PM the day after the game).  Should discrepancies in pitch counts remain when the deadline is reached, pitch counted recorded by the HOME team will be used as the pitch counts of record, with applicable days of rest and availability calculated accordingly. 

Game Summary & Reconciliation