How Do You Avoid a Duplicate Player on Multiple Teams?

ChangeUp is player-centric, meaning that all of a player's pitching performances can be tracked in one place – no matter how many teams and leagues they play for.

The ChangeUp player-centric model ensures that any and all pitching for individual players can be tracked and available within the platform.  To that end, ensuring that players are unique within the system is paramount.

As pitchers are loaded into ChangeUp various key attributes are compared to existing players within the system with a goal of finding any potential matches or duplicates at the time of player creation: 

  • Player First Name
  • Player Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Player Email
  • Parent Email
  • Home City
  • Home State

If an exact match is found, meaning all key attributes are equal with those of an existing pitcher, the new/incoming player is assumed to already exist within ChangeUp and new team associations are created with the existing record instead of creating a new player.  If a potential match is identified, meaning three of the four key attributes match an existing player and there is a strong possibility that the player in question already exists in the system, a new player record is created however both players (the existing and the new) are included on an automated potential duplicate player report that runs on a daily basis.  The intent of this report is to identify potential duplicate players for review by ChangeUp staff members, with any confirmed duplicates merged together accordingly.

A future release of ChangeUp will incorporate "Drag & Drop" loading of team information with guided duplicate record reviews and reconciliation processes.