Can I Customize the Pitching Analytics Feature?

Within ChangeUp, velocity, control, pitch type, pitch deception, and stamina are measured by default. As a preference, some analytic criteria can be disabled.

The analytics function may be modified, in certain limited respects.  The analytics function is preset to prompt evaluations at twenty pitch intervals of the following factors: 1) velocity; 2) control; 3) curveball; 4) change up; 5) deception of pitch; and 6) stamina.

One or more of the prompted evaluation criteria may be disabled (for example, at the youth level, curveballs may be discouraged or disallowed).  Or, the entire analytics function may be disabled.  ChangeUp strongly recommends that this not be done, as it hurts the player by decreasing the data that is connected and can be used to help improve that player's performance.

Coaches are not able to add to, or change, the standard evaluation criteria, as the power of the analytics engine is in collecting standardized data across multiple pitching sessions and seasons.  The standard analytics interval settings and criteria were developed in consultation with experts in the field and much consideration.  That being said, ChangeUp envisions this product as a living, breathing analytics engine.

We welcome your feedback, and are always willing to consider input that can help us make the product better and better ensure the safety of athletes.