What Do Pitcher Availability Reports Contain?

Access all pitchers, by team, that pitched in a game and when they will be available to pitch next. Plus, see pitchers deemed ineligible by the league/program.

The following reports are available in real-time within the ChangeUp mobile app and the ChangeUp Customer Portal, providing much-needed transparency into availability and compliance with pitching rules across organizations at any level:

ChangeUp Reporting

Report Synopsis Data Elements Frequency/ Timing
Game Summary Report List of all pitchers, by team, that pitched in a given game and when they will next be available.
  • Player name
  • # pitches
  • # innings
  • Date next available
Game Summary Reports are run on a daily basis at 11:59 PM PST for any/all games started that day.
Availability Report A list of all ineligible pitchers within a governing organization (state, district, league, etc.), and can be configured by level (varsity, sub varsity, etc.).
  • Team
  • Player name
  • Date next available
  • "Has Unended Games" - indicates if any games on a player's schedule have missing pitch counts that may impact availability
Availability is estimated in real-time, and is updated with each pitch recorded within ChangeUp.   Availability is finalized when a game is marked complete by both coaches OR the league deadline is reached.


Game Summary Reports are generated for each completed game as well as any games that were started but not completed.  Should a discrepancy in pitch counts exist at the conclusion of a game that cannot be resolved by the opposing coaches, or, for games that have been started within ChangeUp but not marked as complete by coaches/pitch counters by the League deadline (default is 12:00 PM the day after a game), pitch counts recorded by the HOME team will be established as the final counts of record and will be used in determining days of rest and availability.